Oil and Data walk into a bar…

It’s a recurring theme over and over again – data is a company’s most valuable asset. Search “data valuable asset” on Google and get over 12 million search results, a shocking number of which compares data to the king of valuable assets: oil. Here at Wellsite Report, we wonder, why not have both?

Oil and gas was slow on the big data uptake, but now the industry is catching up. Data is finding new places to drill and reducing costs for production, but that’s only one way to implement data into your company. Wellsite Report uses data to reduce safety and equipment risks, and since we know that data is just as valuable as oil, we make sure that data stays in your hands.

A key feature of Wellsite Report includes the ability to export all of your data. Every single incident report, every single BBS Observation, every single key practice you create and share with your employees is saved not only on our cloud, but can be exported for offline access and editing. This allows you to control your data 100% – you have the freedom to analyze, organize, and present the data as needed with just a click. Better yet, we provide custom reports for your data to fit your needs.

It’s a no brainer. You already have the oil – it’s time to get the data. With the two leading assets for any company by your side, your company is unstoppable.