December 8, 2017

How To: Clear Your Cache

You may have noticed that at the bottom of all release notes we suggest you clear your cache if you’re not seeing updates to Wellsite Report on your browser. Cache is your browser remembering the website you load so that when you revisit, it loads faster. When a webpage makes changes, sometimes it doesn’t register with the cache that there’s been a change and it loads an old version, rather than the new one. Luckily, clearing your cache is simple.

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer 11 (older versions are similar):

Click Tools, then Internet Options.

A dialogue box will appear. In this box, find Browsing History and click the Delete… button.

Check Temporary Internet files and website files, along with any other selections  (Cookies and website data will forget any remembered logins/passwords).

Mozilla Firefox

In the upper right, click the three lines to find your menu. Click Options.

Click Privacy & Security and find Cached Web Content. Click the Clear Now button.


Google Chrome

In the URL bar, type chrome://settings/privacy

Click Clear Browsing History at the bottom of the Privacy and security options.

Make sure Cached images and files (along with anything else you would like to clear) is checked and then click Clear browsing data



Click Safari and then Preferences.

Under Privacy, find and click Manage Website Data.

Find and click Remove, then click Done.

If clearing your cache still doesn’t solve any issues you’re having with Wellsite Report, give us a call! Tech support can be reached at 1-877-208-6153.